Welcome to my website!

Here you’ll find information about my books. If you’re looking for me a little more directly:

I’m on Twitter at @DessaLux! I’m also on Tumblr @dessa-lux!

You can find all books by Dessa Lux on Amazon!

What’s new? (September 2019) My one book written under the name Dira Lewis, Gun to My Head, had been published through the now-defunct Less Than Three Press, so I’m working on getting it republished. It will probably be in Kindle Unlimited for a few months and then more widely released!

I’m also looking at moving at least some of my Dessa Lux books out of KU so that I can release them more widely.

Real life has kind of overtaken my writing energy this year, but Wolves in the World #3, Ethan’s book, is still in progress! Along with a few new and different things I’m considering.