Coming Soon: OMEGA DEFIANT (Wolves in the World, Book 2)

The follow-up to OMEGA REQUIRED, aka Casey and Adam’s book, is in the final-ish editing process, so I feel like I can tell you all that it exists, and will be out in a month or so! 😀

The AO3 tag description would be something like…

Omegaverse, Werewolves Are Known, Mating Cycles/Heat, Knotting, A Dash of Mpreg, Enemies to Lovers, But like the soft-ish version, I tried you guys I’m not good at writing enemies, Definitely a lot of arguing though, Including arguing about whether to have sex, Ahem, What Else, Road Trip, Drug Use, Wolfsbane Is Literally Anything I Want It to Be, Separatist Werewolf Cult, Tragic Backstories, Dead Parents, Past Violence, Past Suicide, Childhood Trauma, Awkward Hurt/Comfort, A Bit of Peril, Brief Graphic Violence, Werewolf Science, Worldbuilding, Werewolf Culture, Dessa steals stuff from her own Teen Wolf fanfic, Look I’m just firmly convinced that that’s the Werewolf Mythology now, Omega Genetics, Omega Gender Stuff, Omegas Are Intersex, Omegas dealing with stuff that’s kind of like intersex & trans identity in real life, Except with a fictional anatomical situation and within a fictional culture where that anatomical situation is considered normal, Omegas dealing with imposed/enforced female identity, but that is a problem getting solved, Happily Ever After

…So that should give you the general idea. 😀

It’s a bit shorter than Omega Required, probably coming in at around 115,000 words after this set of edits, (but I’m writing a little holiday novella to hopefully make up the difference.)

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And if you’d like that book description in slightly more actual words…

An omega who wants nothing to do with alphas…

An alpha who wants to save omegas, but never meant to fall for one…

And a thousand-mile roadtrip that will change their lives if they don’t kill each other first.

Omega werewolf Casey Niemi has grown up in the safety of his adopted pack after the horrific events that took his first family from him when he was a child. Casey has never been able to remember what happened–and he doesn’t want to, even if it might explain why getting too close to an alpha makes him panic. He’s moving on with his life, and he thinks he has things under control until a new alpha shows up and throws Casey’s world completely off kilter.

Alpha werewolf Adam Vinick wants to improve the lives of omegas through the power of rigorous scientific research. He left his father’s pack–which he’s always blamed for the death of his omega dad–as a teenager and never looked back. But Adam’s lack of experience with pack life is making it hard to find omegas for his study, and his life’s work may be cancelled if he can’t show results soon. When he turns to the Niemis for help, he’s not expecting an omega like Casey.

Adam and Casey have instant chemistry–the kind that explodes on contact. But the Niemis decide it’s time for Casey to leave the nest and he hasn’t got much choice but to join Adam’s research trip. When enemies become reluctant allies, it doesn’t take long for them to argue their way into each other’s beds–but can their long road lead them to each other’s hearts?

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