Cover Reveal: Omega Defiant

Omega Defiant (Wolves in the World #2), aka Casey and Adam’s book, has a cover now!

omega defiant final cover image

An omega who wants nothing to do with alphas…

An alpha who wants to save omegas, but never meant to fall for one…

And a thousand-mile roadtrip that will change their lives… if they don’t kill each other first.

Omega werewolf Casey Niemi has grown up in the safety of his adopted pack. He can’t remember what took him from his original family–and he doesn’t want to, even if it might explain why getting too close to an alpha makes him panic. He’s moving on with his life and totally has it under control–until a new alpha shows up and throws Casey’s world completely off kilter.

Alpha werewolf Adam Vinick wants to improve the lives of omegas through the power of rigorous scientific research. After the death of his omega dad, he left his father’s pack and has never looked back. But he’s been having a hard time finding omegas for his study, and his life’s work may be cancelled if he can’t show results soon. When he turns to the Niemis for help, he’s not expecting an omega like Casey.

Adam and Casey have instant chemistry–the kind that explodes on contact. When the Niemis send Casey to assist Adam on his research trip, enemies become reluctant allies and it doesn’t take long for them to argue their way into each other’s beds.

But can their long road lead them to each other’s hearts?


OMEGA DEFIANT will be out November 29!

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